The makers of wuuua created this website to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of digital marketing with world. Our London based team not only has an interest in digital marketing, but we also share a love of gambling. So, we figured, why not merge the two together?

The way we engage with marketing and advertising has undergone many adaptations throughout the years. With the inception of the internet, marketing and advertising through digital avenues has become a predominant form. We here at wuuua are interested in understanding how we as consumers interact with digital marketing and advertisement, and we’re interested in understanding how casino companies use these tools.

Our hope is to provide an environment for education and discussion. Not only do we aim to provide you with useful resources to educate yourself, but we’re also always open to dialogue about the ever-changing dynamics of social media, the internet, marketing and gambling. Feel free to have a look around at our articles and resources. If you have any questions or just want to pick the brains behind wuuua please contact us anytime! Our goal is to turn our passion for digital marketing into something that can benefit people all over the globe.